Machining, Gears, Welding

3rd Generation Family Business in Manufacturing

OGGO Tech is one of the most experienced and long-lasting company in Turkey for production of gears and welding projects.

Our Works:

About Us:

OGGO Tech is a 3rd generation family company who works in manufacturing of CNC machined steel parts, gears and welding projects. We have been operating for over 45 years and have been working globally for 5 years. We take pride in our successful cooperation with EU companies and our certifications to keep up with the global standards.


Over 45 years in business, +5 years in global exports.


EN 1090 EX3, ISO 3834-2, PQR, WPS, WQT Certificates.


Systematic manufacturing and successful delivery times.


Close relationships with our customers around the world.


We have detailed certificates and inspections for the materials we work with, including 3.1 and 3.2 certificates, tests and reports to provide for our customers.


Our projects led us into accomplishing required certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 1090, ISO 3834, ISO 14731, PQR, and WPS up to EX3.

Serial and Custom Production

It is possible for us to make high numbers of parts including machined components, gears and welded structures.


It is a necessity for us to trace our works, materials, operations seamlessly to provide the specs and quality in our projects to our globally acknowledged customers.

Request Catalogue

Contact OGGO Tech and request for a catalogue from our respective industries. For each sphere of production department within OGGO Tech there is a throughout brochure for representation.

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Read more about the story, vision and mission of OGGO Tech, how the industries come together, our roots and how we operate in various industries of manufacturing and engineering.

Quality Assurance

In every respective industry OGGO Tech provides the international standards of quality. Within years of practice and ambition it was made possible by us to reach the global levels of progression.

Where We Are Experienced:

Design & Planning

First contact with OGGO Tech will be a throughout communication to reach the perfect processes. Our expert designers and engineers will provide the assistance and details.

Production & Finishing

A confirmed project will enter our manufacturing lines, supervised by the production managers and under constant improvement.

Delivery & Feedback

After the project is finished and delivered, our assessment team will rapport a total, top-down and bottom-up process, so that we know we are happy.