With this blogpost we will share some insight on industrial steel roller manufacturing in Turkey and methods for roller manufacturing.

Numerous industries and countless applications use precision built rollers and shafts. At OGGO Tech, we provide engineering firms beautifully balanced industrial rollers that are specifically made to the specific requirements of your end user.

This blog provides an overview to industrial rollers as well as the solutions we offer. We want to answer concerns raised by engineering firm owners and project managers in it. We focus on finding the best value and turnaround times while minimizing the risks associated with sacrificing product quality and lifetime.

This is at the core of what OGGO Tech does. We work hard while completing your design requests as quickly as affordably as we can.

Modern manufacturing machinery is needed to produce precise industrial rollers. It is not practical for the majority of engineering machinery manufacturers to allocate the space and funds necessary to purchase this equipment in-house for pieces that are only sometimes used or make up a very small portion of the entire assembly. By taking the issue off your hands and giving you the parts you require within the timeframe you choose, we hope to satisfy this demand.

The Methods of Steel Roller Manufacturing in Turkey

Our company is set up to be adaptable enough to meet even the most demanding client requirements while yet providing work with an unmatched degree of detail.

Over the years, this has assisted us in developing a solid reputation as professionals in the engineering field. Due to the fact that we approach our projects from a customer-centered, dialog-based perspective,  clients can avoid the following two major pitfalls when using industrial rollers:

1)Opting for the cheapest components at the cost of quality; and
2) Providing project designs that do not accurately depict the customer’s expectations.

The repercussions of all of these errors are covered in two of the sections that follow, along with advice on how to prevent them.

We are a family-run company that places a high value on teamwork, approachability, and cooperation to produce precise results for our clients. We value our highly skilled team of engineers for their creative thinking and technological proficiency.

Our team-based approach to problem-solving ensures that our customers benefit fully from our expertise and experience rather than receiving a partial fix.

We take great pride in our work, and the outcomes we produce for our clients demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategy. When we take on a project, we fully commit to completing it on time, within the specified budget, and by all means necessary to meet your objectives. This frequently entails innovative thinking and fresh ways to use our turning and drilling technology, a strategy that promotes innovation and encourages the purchase of new concepts and equipment.

Our facility in Izmir, Turkey handles all of our services, giving us total control over our supply chain, procurement, and lead times. It enables us to provide rates that are incredibly affordable and that far outpace those of our clients.

Where We Serve?

Sectors we serve

Over the years of expansion we have built up a great deal of experience and know-how in the roller manufacturing industry. Our experts in the business always provide the closest assistance and betterment for your requirements And we are proud to serve a wide variety of EU and international customers in the following industries:


Industries Our Rollers Are Used

»»Oil and Gas
»»Automotive manufacturing

The Roller Manufacturing Process

OGGO Tech and Steel Roller Manufacturing Operations

At OGGO Tech, we make unique rollers that are specifically tailored to the needs of the end user. By industry and application, rollers differ greatly in composition, material, and personality. Deep Hole Boring, Deep Hole Drill, CNC honing, CNC gundrilling, and dynamic balancing are just a few of the general and precise engineering services that our team offers from our facility.

The equipment and methods we employ depend on the part specifications. Here is a quick summary of a industrial roller manufacturing to assist you better understand the procedures and what we offer:

Phases of the Production Process

Depending on the parts you require, we use a variety of production techniques, but for a roller, we normally produce shafts, hubs, and spindles.

Manufacturing Tools

To do this, we employ a variety of contemporary machining and inspection tools, and over the course of our customer base, we provide services to a wide range of industries.

Machines for Boring Deep Holes

We are a top supplier of high-tech deep hole boring services to the aerospace, oil & gas, and hydraulics sectors. With a span of 20mm to 200mm inner diameter, our cutting-edge equipment creates bores with precise tolerances and superb surface finishes.

Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Because of the high accuracy and speed of the deep hole drilling equipment, we can complete any tasks quickly.

Precision bores with a diameter of 2 to 25 mm and a depth of up to 2.5 m are acceptable.

CNC Honing

Our original service, honing, continues to be a key component of our manufacturing provider. In the previous two decades, CNC technology has advanced significantly. We are happy to offer an extraordinarily large capacity range from 2mm to 550mm wall thickness, the highest standards of surface finishing, and a significantly larger level of stock removal than was feasible with older equipment thanks to ongoing investments in the newest machines.

CNC Turning

With a diameter up to 550mm as well as a length of 4 meters, we can do high-tolerance CNC turning, trepanning, and boring operations. To benefit from the most recent advancements in the industry, our CNC turning machinery is frequently updated.

Dynamic Balancing Machines

Tight temperature control is essential throughout the assembly and verification process to guarantee that rollers are installed correctly and spin freely.

This is a result of the fact that many materials undergo drastic variations in temperature, which are regularly encountered in operation. In order to guarantee accurate assembly, we maintain a temperature-controlled inspection environment.


Pipe rollers are comparable to solid rollers, however they are hollow pipes rather than solid ones. At the mounting ends of the roller, they are usually supplied with integrated roller bearings. As a result, the pipe roller is lighter than solid metal rollers, making it easier to physically manhandle and remove for maintenance. And roller manufacturing in Turkey is our expertise. However, since these rollers are empty, they do not have the same load-bearing capability as solid rollers. In both urethane and aluminum rollers, pipe rollers come with a range of attachment options.

Quality Standards

All of our work has received ISO 9001 certification. Additionally, we adhere to EN9100 standards of quality. Only the aerospace industry is required to do this legally. To maintain the highest levels of product conformance and transparency across the whole range of our services, OGGO Tech, nevertheless, applies aviation standards of quality to ALL of our goods. By combining expertise and technology, our staff produces a quick and efficient result at rates that are incredibly low. In the following two parts, we’ll look at scenarios in which projects might go awry and common errors are made. Fortunately, avoiding these problems may be done rather easily with the correct knowledge and assistance.


Design & Planning

First contact with OGGO Tech will be a throughout communication to reach the perfect processes. Our expert designers and engineers will provide the assistance and details.

Production & Finishing

A confirmed project will enter our manufacturing lines, supervised by the production managers and under constant improvement.

Delivery & Feedback

After the project is finished and delivered, our assessment team will rapport a total, top-down and bottom-up process, so that we know we are happy.