Operating since 1982


OGGO Tech operates in design, development and manufacturing in the metal processing industry. We started as a family business in 1982 as metallurgy and industrial engineers to produce, process and design reliable and efficient products. Our family entered the industry with its specialized engineers and high accuracy production abilities and quickly grew in size and progress. In 2009, OGGO Group was founded through merge. The company expanded its product line to include a complete selection of EDM, 5-Axis CNC, parts production and machine manufacturing.


2021 marks the third generation of OGGO Tech family. Our primary goal is to optimize and rationalize the whole company organization into a world-wide innovative corporation. OGGO Tech has the answers to assist your business with efficient and quality products and solutions. We approach manufacturing and design with innovative and perfectionist methods; starting with intelligent, integrated processes in design and production to almost paperless operations, enterprise resource planning and logistics. This ensures that our teams and technologies are equally well prepared for top performance in the years to come. We are looking forward to your challenges.


Today, we look forward to expand and grow through globalization and take a leading role in the new age of manufacturing.