CNC Vertical Machine Centers:
1270 / 508 / 635 mm
1200 / 600 / 600 mm
1050 / 600 / 600 mm
1100 / 550 / 725 mm

dia. 1300mm / L 2400mm
dia. 1120mm / L 2200mm
dia. 700mm  / L 2000mm
dia. 500mm  / L 1500mm


Hobbing Machines :
10 Module dia. 600mm
16 Module dia. 1500mm
18 Module dia. 2000mm Liebherr
18 Module dia. 2000mm Reinecker
24 Module dia. 4000mm
Horizontal Hobbing dia. 500mm L 2000mm

Planing Machine k.600mm dia. 2000mm
Planing Machine k.500mm dia. 500mm
Teeth Grinding dia. 1200 k.300mm

Design & Planning

First contact with OGGO Tech will be a throughout communication to reach the perfect processes. Our expert designers and engineers will provide the assistance and details.

Production & Finishing

A confirmed project will enter our manufacturing lines, supervised by the production managers and under constant improvement.

Delivery & Feedback

After the project is finished and delivered, our assessment team will rapport a total, top-down and bottom-up process, so that we know we are happy.